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  • Being Patient and Grateful in Dry Seasons

    By adaptmag on March 3, 2014
    Margaret Olatunbosun, Editorial & Social Media Intern One thing that keeps me going after a busy day at work is the assurance that in two weeks, I will reap the fruits of my labor. I wake up in the morning energized and refreshed, ready to take on the day’s challenges because I believe my efforts will be rewarded. On payday, […]
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  • Temptation, Desperation, Defeat

    By adaptmag on February 3, 2014
    Angela Skaff, Editorial Intern I have the Holy Bible app on my phone and I am reading a plan called “Made to Crave.” The plan for Day 5 discussed how desperation breeds defeat. Which got me thinking, that most desperation comes out of temptation and so the combination of these two can lead to some horrific defeat and falls in […]
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  • He Will Command You to Give it All

    By adaptmag on January 27, 2014
    Margaret Olatunbosun, Editorial and Social Media Intern “I just don’t get it. It doesn’t make any sense.”  I said amidst sobs. My friend was gracious enough to hear me rant for a good two hours about how rightly I’ve tried to live my life and how brave I was to leave my family to study 4.5 hours away, in a different […]
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  • Girdle Up: Get Conditioned for Greatness

    By adaptmag on January 8, 2014
    Margaret Olatunbotsun, Editorial & Social Media Intern In the sports world, one activity that fascinates me is weightlifting. Given good conditioning, a 200 pound athlete is capable of deadlifting a 300 pound loaded barbell, a feat that is indeed inspiring yet dangerous. However, there is a proper technique that needs to be observed regardless of how skilled or unskilled you […]
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