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Embrace Modesty, Boycott Sexy

Here are some tips from some female Chi Alpha students for embracing modesty:

  • Glorify God with our bodies and by what we wear
  • Look cute not sexy
  • Trust in the Lord for your future (spouse, job, calling)
  • Spend time making sure our spirits ‘look good’ instead of focusing on your body
  • How we dress is a reflection of how we see ourselves
  • Allow for some surprises on your wedding night


  • Check your heart
  • Ask the Lord about the way you dress, see what He has to say about you should or shouldn’t change
  • If you wear a dress with spaghetti straps or no straps, wear a sweater or short sleeve shrug over it (Ross, Macy’s, JC Penny)
  • Take a friend with you when shopping. Someone you know will hold you accountable
  • Pencil skirts are cute, but not when certain body parts are sticking out too much or your underwear line is completely visible (try wearing a slip underneath).
  • Short shorts are not OK no matter how hot it is. I know it’s hard to find shorts that are appropriate and comfortable but you can find them. Even at Forever 21 🙂



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