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I Can See God, Can You?

I can see God when the sun streams light into my window
while doves coo in a nearby tree.
I can see Him when the wind causes the trees
to sway and leaves to dance and play.

I can see God, can you?

I can see God when the rain stops right before I get home only
to start again after I am safely inside.
I can see Him when a rainbow sits high in the sky reminding me
that God never goes back on His promises.

I can see God, can you?

I can see God in the eyes of a child, the one smiling and the one who cannot.
I can see Him when He brings wholeness from my brokenness.

I can see God, can you?

I can see God even in a sun shower. People blame it on the Devil and his wife fighting. But I don’t believe it. I think it’s just another display of God’s awesome ability and mystery; like the way the sun and the moon can be in the sky at the same time, even if it’s just for a few seconds…

I can see God, can you?

I can see God sunrises and sunsets.
I can see Him in death and life.

I can see God, can you?

I see God as He continues to show me more grace and mercy than I deserve.
I see Him as He’s walking across the storms of my life…to bring me peace.

I can see God, can you?

How do you see God in your life? Is He only visible when everything in your life is working according to your plans, or is He visible when things are in turmoil and you’ve given up hope? If you’ve lost sight of Him lately, maybe this is a good time to remind yourself about you used to see.

Post a comment about it. I would really like to know.

Check out David as he faced opposition and death by the hand of King Abimelech in Psalm 34.

Photo: Allysen Kerr


1 Comment

  1. Miss Solo Woods July 14, 2009

    Wonderful post Allysen!!!!

    I can see God:

    When He touches people's hearts for me

    When I have NO money, yet eat anyhow

    When my friends do kind things for me

    When I haven't paid my phone bill, yet it isn't cut off.

    God is real and no one can tell me differently 🙂

    Love ya!!!

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