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Men Talk Modesty

Here are the rest of the things men had to say about the way we women dress today. Read them all the way through. I pray it challenges all of us.

  • The way women dress to go to class and work is changing. Starting to see more cleavage and booty showing which is not acceptable for all occasions.
  • Some women dress like they have no dignity or self respect. Like getting men to gawk at their 15% covered bodies is in some way “a win” or validation of their beauty. In actuality, you’re just playing to the fact that guys can be indecent pigs some times. If you want to be noticed, please let it be for something other than your anatomy. You’ll only be looking like that for a few years anyways, so if that’s how you pull the guy in, it’s gonna be a long road and end in disappointment
  • The way some of our ladies dress nowadays make it very difficult for us to fight against lust. The mind is clever. The short skirts or pants invite the mind to guess what’s barely covered. You try to look away but it’s a constant battle. It takes discipline…
  • In all frankness, the thing that bothers me the most are when girls where tops that are very revealing of their boobs. It completely unnecessary and quite annoying and distracting. That are shorts that are barely more then bikini bottoms. These two things are what bother me the most. I fine with most things girls where as long as it covers them up for the most part. I mean I’m fine with shoulder less clothing too. All I really ask for is that their boobs aren’t showing and that their shorts are not too short.
  • Women seem to forget their bodies are temples for the Lord, not for men.  They may be trying to find love in the wrong places because once they reach puberty and start being seen as “attractive,” their father figures may begin to fear being aroused by hugging them or showing them fatherly love.  This is horrible!  Fathers need to have chastity of mind and heart, \get over their initial and unintentional arousals to thereby eventually eliminate them so that they can show their daughters true and committed and pure and chaste love and not shoo them away to find improper, impure love from selfish, overly-sexed immature young men.  So many issues are involved with the way women dress, but men must have purity and chastity of mind and heart to see women for who they are on the inside, and women must realize that their dress may stimulate men in ways the women didn’t intend, and their dress may unintentionally encourage the men to focus on their outward appearance and forget that there is a sensitive soul deserving of true, unconditional (NOT physical) love hidden behind the fashions of the day.  Modesty is the best policy so that relationships form according to deeper compatibilities than physical appearance, which always fades.
  • I’m bothered by clothing that carve out a woman’s crotch, breast and hips/thighs in such a way that they catch a man’s eye with ease.  I would prefer loser clothing that don’t cling to their figure “as much”.  Length on shorts and dresses that stay around the knees or below. Tops that don’t reveal “so much” cleavage and/or in some cases back and arms.
  • As a cab driver, I see slutty girls on a daily basis. I drive them to midtown in things that look like they’ll fall apart if they sneeze too hard. And then they come back later drunk with drunk guys who are loud and rude. If you have to use your body instead of your brains to get a guy, know that you’re going to get what you paid for: a body and no brain.
  • IT bothers me when women wear clothes that makes them seem like the are trying to expose themselves. I believe that they can be sexy with out looking bad. I also dont like when older women wear tacky cheap looking clothes that are neon colors or fishnet.
  • Women sell themselves way too short to get attention all of the time. Modesty can be hot.
  • I was going to write what seemed to be an essay, but then decided to just put it bluntly in a few sentences.Cleavage, not subtle, but outright obvious on a daily basis cleavage. Short shorts (emphasis on SHORT) while wearing tight upper clothes, such as a really tight tanktop, as opposed to a tshirt or anything else.
  • I’m a guy, I will admit women dressing provocative is attractive. However, it shows how much tact you have. Too much of something, is a bad thing; so the “dressing up” should be in moderation. Its good to dress sexy every once in a while, but at the same time, the younger generation of girls are watching and picking up on these adult styles. It does not create a positive image or role in the social development of female adolescents. I have 3 sisters, maybe I’m over protective! lol
  • Certain women attempt to command the wrong type of attention, such as appealing to a mans sexual desires. I would prefer women to dress according to their personal style, and exhibit confidence rather than their body
  • dress and shorts are getting shorter, which is the trend. Cloths are getting tighter, but we call it fitted. Is normal to see a women cleveage with the stylish shirt now. Modesty is to not call attention to youself but some women wear pump which make them taller, some women wear makeup and jwelery to accent their look, some women wear sex appealing or sexy cloths that attracts attention…..which is the opposite.
  • I’m not bothered by the way women today dress, I’m more bothered by the way the young girls dress, you know the ones I’m talking about trying to compensate for their age by dressing extra and I mean EXTRA skimpy. “Ages between 12 and 16”
  • girls short shorts cause guys to stumble
  • The things that irritate me the most are short shorts and cleavage. Honestly, both are distracting to me. and I’d rather not be tempted to objectify women.
  • When a woman wears a dress and the dress is barely past her butt, that really bothers me. That is asking for trouble when a woman does that. I think the length of a dress should be at least near her knees.
  • Romans 14:13 – “Therefore let us stop passing judgment on one another. Instead, make up your mind not to put any stumbling block or obstacle in the way of a brother or sister.” So many men struggle with lust and women hate the way that men look at them as objects a lot of times. Unfortunately, the way that some women dress may cause men to stumble and it just feeds the sexual addiction.
  • Women are dressed in many occasions promiscuous. Women wear a lot of shirts that reveal a large areas of their chest in the wrong environments, as if they’re asking for attention. But are offended when men give it to them or treat them the way they’re presenting themselves, as if they’re a feline in heat. It can really be toned down sometimes. This world is filled with old women trying to look young, and young women trying to look old. And in the end, many conclude that revealing clothes is the only way to do so. Talk about confused.
  • Women who don’t dress modestly or reasonably do nothing but put themselves on display for men who don’t care about them and are only interested in their body. They are setting themselves up to be used by men who have no intention of having anything serious with them.
  • If I see a woman wearing overalls, or jeans up above their belly button, I am bothered. We are not living on a farm.
  • I hate rain boots. Every girl seems to wear rain boots and they are treacherous. Every time I see a girl wearing rain boots it makes me think of Dora the Explorer
  • The issue with my “friend”, Christian-women’s-immodesty, is that she invites me to routinely visually indulge in her particular body-parts(breast, butty, the , waist, small of the back, etc.) that I have no godly rights to physically capture and comfort (becoming one flesh). And this dilemma consistently challenges the godly origin of my human sexuality.
  • Women tend to mimic the world. From the two piece bikini swimsuit, to short short skirts. I understand it is at times difficult to find modest, but nonetheless please try. They want their husbands to be Men of God who commit to putting to death their sin like lust, but then dress in a way that challenges us.
  • Women are dressed in many occasions promiscuous. Women wear a lot of shirts that reveal a large areas of their chest in the wrong environments, as if they’re asking for attention. But are offended when men give it to them or treat them the way they’re presenting themselves, as if they’re a feline in heat. It can really be toned down sometimes. This world is filled with old women trying to look young, and young women trying to look old. And in the end, many conclude that revealing clothes is the only way to do so. Talk about confused.
  • It’s like they want to be safe and yet leave the door open at the same time. By doing that you confuse guys (and most guys are horrible at reading girls, unless they’re gay, honestly.). Guys can’t tell if girls want a serious relationship all the time because most of them dress with their cleavage out, wear uber-short skirts to the club…yet they want men to respect them. Well, when you’re feeding their testosterone how can you expect something that outrageous?
  • short skirts, dresses, shorts cleavage extremely tight clothing
  • The big problem that I see is that women don’t seem to realize that if something is not for sale, they shouldn’t put it on display. In drawing attention to sexual parts of their bodies, they charge the atmosphere with an undertone of sensuality which is really difficult for men to ignore. A woman doesn’t have to do or say anything suggestive to communicate this; by accenting the sexual parts of her body, they turn men’s minds towards the sexual lusts which we try so hard to fight. By dressing this way, women invite men to lust after them.Bluntly put, when a woman displays her breasts (displaying cleavage), shape (tight or short tops), butt, or legs (tight or short pants and skirts), a man hears “I want you to look at and think about this when you’re with me.” If a woman wants men (and people in general) to see her godliness, sincerity, and inner beauty, she can make a good start by wearing clothing that turns attention away from her body and towards her personality.Let me be very practical; here are guidelines for modesty in the United States. Shorts and skirts should never be shorter than knee length regardless of how hot a day it is. Cleavage should never be seen. Ever. Midriffs should never show. If you must pull any article of clothing down as you wear it in order to keep your body from showing, you should not wear it. Nothing that resembles underwear should ever be worn (bikinies, sports bras, etc.). And most importantly of all: we must note that these guidelines apply everywhere, including at the pool, at the beach, and in the gym just as much as in a church meeting. Wearing a bikini at the pool is just as bad as going to work in a bra and panties. In both cases, you invite men to see the entirety of your body and fantasize about it.I’m sure women are frustrated that men would tell them how to dress and how not to dress. Too often women do not realize that almost all American men are porn addicts. That means that almost all Christian men are recovering from pornography addictions. We know how to fantasize and think about women as objects of sexual pleasure, and hate it. We want to honor our sisters, but too often it feels like women insist upon being perceived with a sexual identity. It seems like, on some level, women WANT to be lusted after and fantasized about. We as men of God want to stop lusting, and, frankly, we need all the help we can get. So I appeal to the women of the world to please assist in turning away from sexual sin by not inviting us into it with the way that they dress.
  • The Bible speaks in multiple places about dressing with modesty. Modesty is somewhat determined by culture, but there are some things that will attract a man’s attention no matter how desensitized we are by the constant bombardment of sex in our culture. Cleavage, anything see-through (even partially), really tight pants, really short shorts (and shorts with writing on the butt), and those ridiculous tights girls are wearing as pants now, are specifically designed to attract a man’s attention. Considering the fact that I see all of the above things on a minute by minute basis every time I leave my house makes walking in purity incredibly difficult. A man will respect a woman that dresses modestly much more than one that doesn’t. A woman dressed immodestly/provocatively will get more attention, but all the attention is lust inspired, not respect inspired. Even for Christian men, the first thought when we see an immodestly dressed woman is that she is loose, no matter what her actual character may be.
  • Would like a woman to wear what compliments her body to the fullest…but still leaves enough for the imagination. I feel like too many women (young and old) constantly perpetuate a certain type of image portrayed within the media, and this is wrong. It doesn’t encourage individualism, instead it a pre determined image of whats “sexy”, or “cool.” When really half these women are just  3/4 naked. Of course…Its a time and place for everything, and different types of attire. I would personally not take a woman seriously if all i ever see her is wearing next to nothing, b/c to me that means she values her physical assets more so than her mental…so why should I? The key is not to judge. But I think theres ways to dress “sexy” without compromising ones integrity. Not sure if that was even the point of the question.
  • Many women (and even young girls) today fail to dress modestly. As a christian male, we must control our eyes from looking at women lustfully… however during the summer, as the temperature gets higher, so do the dresses. Women need lessons in dressing modestly and mother’s need lessons as well. Although at thier young age, little girls do not have issues with attracting males… their style of dress will eventually carry on to their teen then adult years. (obviously I have seen both adult females AND younger girls which what I believe to be immodest lengh dresses and shorts). I shouldn’t be able to see your pockets when you’re wearing shorts.
  • When they show the multiple of sins They portray women on tv as sexy people who shows everything all the time. Also some of these actresses who wears these hideous clothes I wish that women would still wear those dresses from little house on the praire days but that would never happen. I was soo disgusted that I wrote a paper on how women have changed in clothing through the years and its just sad
  • Modern dress leaves little to the imagination in regard to the physical attributes of the female anatomy.


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