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Nefarious Documentary Coming to Gainesville

On Sunday, October 16 Fight Injustice and Global Human Trafficking will bring the reality of modern day slavery to Gainesville. The group plans to host a free viewing of the film Nefarious, Merchant of Souls at Grace at Fort Clarke. Nefarious by Exodus Cry shows the “sexual exploitation of women and children around the world along with interviews of real victims, traffickers and humanitarian leaders,” writes FIGHT on the Facebook event page.

According to the organization, “20 million women and children have been trafficked into the global sex market” in the last 10 years. Sex Trafficking is a major issue in our world today and we need to do something to stop it.


1. Watch the Trailer
2. Learn the facts
3. Spread the Word. Post it on Facebook or Twitter @nefariousmovie
4. Invite all your friends–we have 800 seats to fill so please invite as many as you can
5. Pray for the hearts watching this documentary to be radically changed



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