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The Art of Rejection: Part 3

Right now, I’m doing exactly what this series has been about, rejecting. I got on the computer to write a message for today and I got so distracted by the many other things to do on the computer. You know, check e-mail, go on Facebook or in my case, download new ringtones for my cellphone. I guess I’m just bored.
Maybe it’s something more. As I’ve been writing this series on rejection, I’ve been experiencing everything that I’ve written about. During Part 1, my mind was wrestling with the idea of rejection and how many times I’ve allowed myself to get trapped. When I wrote Part 2, I was thinking about the countless times that I rejected God while on Christmas vacation. I neglected to keep up with my own schedule of writing every week because I was too tired or I didn’t want to seek the Lord to find out what was on His heart.
This time, it’s me who’s feeling the rejection.
Yep, since returning to school, I feel like I’ve hit a brick wall spiritually. Usually I regress while I’m at home with my family. You know, you’re on vacation so everything else goes on vacation too including your salvation and holiness.
Well, this time, it was the opposite, thank God. I was tired of going home and coming back feeling like I had failed spiritually all because I was too lazy to pursue God. This time, I took the time to pray every morning, and sit and wait. I took advantage of the time I had and I even tried to put God before everything and everyone else.
I’m not boasting, but I was pretty proud that I had overcome more of my old habits. It was great. But when I came back to school I felt so burdened. Almost like this cloud was sitting over my head and the cloud seemed to thicken as the week progressed.
I honestly can’t explain what happened. The Friday before I was happy and feeling pretty excited about returning to school and starting a new semester. Once Sunday rolled around it was a different story.
I had a hard time praying, I didn’t even know what to pray. I just kind of sat around and waited…and waited…and waited some more. Nothing.
This morning I got up and wouldn’t you know, nothing happened. Then I got on the computer and started typing and then it hit me.
I’m learning the third part of this series as I type. Talk about serving an “in the moment” God.
There’s another type of rejection: when God rejects us. Sounds crazy and even as I’m typing it, I’m praying that you’ll understand what I’m about to write.
This type of rejection isn’t noticeable at first. It usually take s a while for us to realize that something is spiritually amiss. We might try to do things differently like playing music while we pray or lay on our face hoping that our physical changes will be sufficient to enter into God’s presence.
But Joel 2: 12-17 calls for a different method, one that requires an offering, a sacrifice. Any time that the Israelites strayed from God, they didn’t immediately go back to Him. It wasn’t until something was wrong or His presence was no longer in the camp that they realized something wasn’t right. Check out the Old Testament especially Deuteronomy, Hosea, Jeremiah, Isaiah or Lamentations, or just read it all. There are countless examples of Israel forgetting God and God rejecting them in return.
But the greatest thing is that God has always made a way to return to Him. It may come through fasting, prayer, repentance or even praise. Whatever the route, it comes. God loves us and He wants to be close to us. But as always, sometimes getting close to God means shedding some bad habits or old ways. Seek God and ask Him how you should pursue Him this year. I know I’m going to.”Rend your heart and not your garment.”



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