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ADAPT to the WORLD: Project Rescue Prayer Need

A prayer request from our staff at the Home of Hope in Moldova:

“I’d like to ask you to pray for 15 year old Masha*. She left the home a month ago and last week she called urgently, sobbing. She called crying “Please help me!” A man’s voice answered the phone when we returned the call twice…So we left the home to drive around and look in the area where we thought she was.

We searched for an hour or so in her area, but by that time the man she was living with (presumably her pimp) was answering her phone and telling everyone to stop calling. We gave up, because we knew he had her locked in their apartment, and we wouldn’t be able to find her out on the street. So we went to the Home of Hope and prayed with the girls– they felt so helpless about the situation.

This is a spiritual battle for Masha’s life: she has lived in the Home of Hope and run away to this guy two different times. She was trafficked by her brother for drug money at the age of 14, and locked in a brothel for two years. Even while she lived at the Home, Nancy said Masha had such a heart for God, but also a darkness over her– such a tie to the bondage she’d once been in. The battle is not over, but thank God that today she is in the safety of the home with people praying over her and loving her— and how awesome that the Home of Hope girls, as new believers, saw such immediate answer to their prayers!!!”

Please continue to pray with us that Masha will remain in the Home of Hope and continue the long process of healing and restoration. Pray that she and the rest of the girls and staff at the home will be protected from her pimp. Lastly, join us as we seek God to continue his healing work in Masha’s heart and in the hearts of the other women (and two children) in our Moldova Home of Hope. This is an intense spiritual battle, but we serve a BIG GOD! Let’s continue asking Him to do great things in the lives of those who so desperately need Him.

With love and appreciation,
David and Beth Grant

Never heard of Project Rescue? It’s a ministry dedicated to bringing freedom and hope to women and children in India entangled in the sex exploitation and human trafficking. Want to help? Check out their Web site at http://projectrescue.com.



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