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Dream Act Advocates Visit UF (Part 1)

Imagine moving to a foreign country at the age of 5. You didn’t really have a choice to leave your native land. Maybe your parents needed medical attention or had hopes for a better life in this foreign terrain.

Now, it is home. You’re only 5 years old and with much to learn you need to go to school. So your parents send you to public school where you spend the next 12 years getting an education. You excel to the top of your class and with a high GPA, colleges are drooling to get you. But wait, there’s only one problem….

You’re not a citizen.

That’s the story of Gaby, Juan, Felipe and Carlos. These four students migrated to the U.S. at a young age and have never been a citizen. Why? Some call it ignorance, some call it a stroke of bad luck. But whatever name you  give it, not being a citizen in the U.S., and just about any country, means no chance at the “American Dream.” In other words, they will have no life.

On Jan. 1, these four students embarked on a 1,500 mile walk from Miami to Washington D.C. in hopes that their stories will spark conversations about immigration reform. On Jan. 28, the students stopped at the University of Florida to share their stories with the UF community and Gainesville. Juan and Felipe spoke with a Non-Profit Leadership Management class taught by Dr. Edmund Kellerman. Visit Trail 2010 for more information.

This is the first of nine videos.



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