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No Text is Worth the Risk

Tom HarknessSpecial to Adapt Magazine

The realities of the dangers of texting and driving are imminent. Anyone who has driven a car knows full well that doing so while being distracted by your smartphone puts everyone on the road—yourself included—at risk. According to Verizon Wireless, who has been campaigning against texting while driving since 2000, you are 23 times more likely to get in a car accident if you’re texting or writing an email when compared to driving while not distracted. They also note that 41 states have banned texting and driving (so far) while an overwhelming majority of adults (89 percent) believe that driving while distracted by your phone should be outlawed. As for a more startling statistic, 57 percent of drivers ages 21-24 text and/or write emails while driving.

As part of their commitment to safe driving, Verizon teamed up with the company Safely to create the free Safely Go app for smart devices. The app essentially serves as a virtual liaison between you and your contacts, as it “automatically receives and responds to your calls and texts” when you’re driving, allowing you to remain fully concentrated on the road.

Just remember the following: “No text is worth the risk.”



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