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Pulse Review: ‘Blacklight’ by Tedashii

The Pulse

Blacklight by Tedashii. Image: Rapzilla.com

Whenever you place the words ‘Christian’ and ‘Hip-Hop’ together, you usually think of musical front-runner Lecrae. But who can forget about the rest of the guys from the 116 Clique especially the one and only Tedashii Anderson or simply, Tedashii? With two projects under his belt, he is back for more with his third album, “Blacklight.” And I must say, Tedashii has done some serious work. This one’s a banger.

The 15-song set starts with “Rock A Bye Baby,” an anthem that explains the current sickened state of the world and how Tedashii plans to share the gospel and bring light to this darkened environment. He uses the song’s title “rock-a-bye baby” as an allusion to how the world is being ‘rocked’ to a spiritual slumber by hedonistic pleasures. The album’s sound is completely different than Tedashii’s earlier projects IDENTITY CRISIS and KINGDOM PEOPLE.

BLACKLIGHT is much more mature, some tracks having a dirty, hard-hitting southern hip-hop beat like in “Get Up,” which features the talents of breakout UK artist S.O., and “Go Until I’m Gone” with 116 regular Thi’sl. Other tracks have a modern, futuristic sound like the most popular track on the album “Dum Dum” featuring Lecrae. However most of the tracks implement live drums and instruments, like “This is the Life” featuring Sho Baraka, and the crowd-rousing “Burn This House Down,” which has a music video showing Tedashii performing the song in a crowded basement with a live band. Tedashii also gives a shout out to our armed forces in “Last Goodbye” featuring reggae-hip-hopper Benjah.

Overall, the album is definitely a high-quality set with songs that, if combined with the right exposure, could easily climb the charts and infiltrate the radio stations that many young (and some older) listeners would turn on every time they get into the car. With strong spiritual content wrapped in a modern sound that can easily slip into the mainstream without losing its potency to help save souls, this gets five stars for sure.  Keep pushing the boundaries Reach Records. Thanks to you we finally have music that young people can actually relate to and gain something truly positive.

Rating: 5 out 5 stars




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