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Pulse Review>> Flame: Captured

Artist: Flame | Album: Captured | Release Date: 12. 28. 2010

This album is Flame’s fifth and latest studio effort under his new label Clear Sight Music.

If you know Flame, then you’ve probably witnessed the same growth that I’ve seen in the holy hip-hop vet. That growth can only be described as monumental. On Captured, he features a new artist he recently signed named V. Rose, a British singer using her talent for Jesus. Flame explains that this album is about people who are captured that fall into two categories: those captured by sin and Christians who are captured by Jesus. But both parties share the same need: the need to be recaptured. 

After listening to the album in its entirety, I felt like I had just come out of a Pentecostal church service. Flame’s message is very traditional. He didn’t seem to be so focused on trying to adapt to his listeners by tweaking his sound (Our World Fallen had a much more urban and street feel to it). Instead it seems Flame just wanted to bring it back to old school and tell it like it is. And that’s exactly what’s on this album: lots of back-to-basics, no non-sense and straight biblical truth. Am I disappointed by that? Not in the least. In fact, it’s a breath of fresh air.

The most popular song that I know of on the album is “Surrender” featuring V.Rose. The video that accompanies that song is all over the web, and it has a VERY powerful message. V.Rose blew me away; she is blessed and will be a great help to the kingdom. As for the rest of the album, I would describe the sound as updated and modern while the message is very basic and old-school. A good example of this is “Move.” The beat bangs hard, definitely something to ride to with the windows down, but the message is a call to obedience.

The way Flame delivers his lyrics paints a picture of him walking around town like a police officer with a megaphone, telling people to leave their sinful ways and get reconciled with God. Like in the second verse: “Hey! What you lookin’ at? Get from in front of that screen! That is so obscene; Jesus died for that very thing! Hey! Time for you to move! You need to go reconcile! You’ve been having beef with your fam for a while now!” My favorite verse is the last one though: “What you gotta do: Gon’ head, get it on! Get a church membership! Stop church-hoppin’ holmes! This ain’t legalism fam, this is Christianity! Gon’ head obey the Word; all else is vanity!” Yeah. You see what I mean? VERY old school. But I like it, no one’s been puttin’ things that way since Lecrae and Tedashii dropped Real Talk and Kingdom People.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5. You may not think it’s breathtaking, but it’s definitely in-your-face and convicting. And for that, it’s worth a listen. It’s got a permanent spot in my library.



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