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Jesus Home for the Holidays

Check out Adapt’s guide for continuing your walk with Christ when you’re away from college.

Finals are done, the last paper turned in and now it’s time to go home. Not only are you leaving behind the weight of the fall semester but also that amazing accountability from your small group leader. Yep, the small group leader who spent the whole semester trying to help you stay on track with God, encouraged you to read your Bible every day and pray won’t be there to help you keep this up. Now what?

In case you’re concerned about keeping up with Jesus over the holidays, check out this list of tips…they just might help.

  1. Make a Commitment from the beginning
  2. Be flexible, but set time aside to pray and read your Bible daily
  3. Watch a lot of TV? Spend a lot of time on the computer? Weigh how much time you spend entertaining yourself. Are you neglecting Jesus?
  4. Seek Him first (Matthew 6:33). You’ll be surprised how much smoother your day goes and how much time you get back when you put Jesus at the beginning of your day.
  5. Try praying at the end of your day.
  6. Like to journal? Start out by writing a letter to God.
  7. Like music? Check out a few of your favorite worship songs to help prepare your heart and mind. (Click here for the ultimate Worship Song Playlist)
  8. Too much to pray about? Make a list and pray for each item one by one.
  9. NEVER PUT IT OFF TIL LATER…later will NEVER come.
  10. Family members not giving you enough privacy? Wait until you’re alone. If not, ask for some space (In a nice way of course).

These are just 10 tips that I came up with. But maybe you have some that worked for you…leave a comment below with your ideas.



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