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Get Paid to go to Church for Easter

I saw this video on CNN’s Web site and I wasn’t sure what to think. I was little annoyed, a little angry, but more than anything, I was disappointed.

All I know is that there is something very wrong with this ideology. Now we’re bribing people to go to church? Raising $2 million to give away, is always a great concept, especially when the money is given away to feed the homeless, purchasing toys for a needy family or just to simply bless someone. But for the sake of gaining numbers in the name of ‘winning people to Christ?’

That’s just wrong.

As Christians we always tend to justify our not-so-great choices (killing abortion doctors or raising up Christian militias) by throwing Jesus and the Gospel in the mix.

Let’s do concerts with secular artists, Christian musicians, all for the sake of the Gospel…Let’s serve coffee and donuts at church…or let’s PAY people to come.

There are just certain lines that we shouldn’t cross. The Gospel is that Jesus, THE Son of God, came, died and rose again for the sins of the world. But this pastor (nothing against him) is saying that the world isn’t “heavenly minded” so using the said “weaknesses” of the world to draw them into the church is okay? Somebody please tell me.

Who knows, God is pretty good at using our silly ideas and turning them into something useful. So only the Lord knows if this will actually do something. At the end of the day, it’s Jesus who changes people’s hearts, not us.

There are some great ideas about there, but not all of them belong in the Church. That’s all I’m saying.



  1. Ryan Galloway April 5, 2010

    Wow! I’d hate to use such strong language but this is such an affront to the true Gospel and frankly, disgusting. When we resort to giving away luxury cars and the latest trinkets in order to fill seats in a sanctuary it is clear that the church is in dire need of revival. I have a hard time believing that this will in any way lead people to the Jesus portrayed in scripture. It is time to PRAY for the state of the American Church! Thanks for posting this, Allysen.

  2. Cristina April 8, 2010

    So I was reading up more on that church after I saw the video and this is something that I wrestle with… Thinking about it, wasn’t this the same kind of thing that the one guy did at our church in order for his friend to go to Breakthrough? He took him on a shopping spree, bought him fancy food, etc. Truthfully, I’m not sure about that church because I don’t know much about it but I also can’t say that this would always be wrong. Depending on who the church felt they were called to reach different strategies would be used.

    First AoG in Gainesville is obviously called to reach the poor materially but someone has to be called to reach the rest of society too. This, in general, has been a huge wrestling point for me and it’s not yet settled. It’s a lot of money to waste but if God is going to use it for His glory and the Word will be preached in fullness of truth I’m not sure I can say much about it. We can do free car washes in order to draw the lost but how much are we allowed to spend for these purposes in order to still be godly? This was an extreme amount of money so truly I’m not settled.

    Either way, the state of the church is extremely sad. OBVIOUSLY we are in need of revival which will draw people to Christ no matter the circumstance, financial state or anything else because the goodness of God, Jesus’ sacrifice and the Spirit’s conviction transcend all hearts without distinguishing one from another. God, come to our rescue.

  3. Jon April 10, 2010

    Errrr …. Hm. I mean, Jesus did some “free give-a-ways” a couple times in pretty large fashion as well. Free fish. Free bread. Granted, pretty big difference between that and a car (he might have drawn larger crowds with a double-humped camel w/ spinner knee caps), but still … it’s a parallel …

    I’m sure there were people who came to listen to Jesus because they were genuinely being drawn. AND, I’m equally sure that there were people who came to hear him because word had spread that when he was in that other city, he gave out a bunch of free food at the end. Interesting that Jesus never called people out for coming just for the free food. He just let it ride …

    My question and my judgment would land here: What did this Pastor actually PREACH during his Easter service?

  4. Cristina April 12, 2010

    And I would COMPLETELY agree with you, Jon!!!!

  5. Adolfo Mote April 27, 2010

    Thanks for sharing, it’s all so pretty. Can’t wait to see what you write about. Go for it!

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