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UnKonventional Media, LLC believes in producing media that effectively and authentically communicates the Gospel. We also strive to highlight young individuals who are using their talents to advance the Kingdom.

Through dynamic online media, videos and articles, our desire is to empower the next generation to be SALT and LIGHT to this world and to encourage them to live Christ-centered lives.


We realized that there is strong need for media content that not only discusses life issues but also empowers our readers to do something about it. Many young adults lack direction and are constantly struggling with their spirituality and purpose. We want our readers to understand that they can have an unapologetic and authentic relationship with Jesus Christ while they are young and to help them find their identity.


Through print and online media, we use articles, videos and other audio-visual content to portray a clear message of the Gospel. We also seek to equip young adults to live a life of purpose while also raising up a bold generation of Christians.

We will explore topics that challenge and redefine what it means to be young and submitted to God’s will.


Adapt Magazine

SALTY Magazine


UnKonventional Media seeks to find like-minded businesses and individuals within Gainesville’s media industry to help promote their efforts and build a stronger community. If you would like to be a part of something bigger than yourself, shoot an email to publisher@unkonventionalmedia.com.